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New Opening Hours  

 The Clevedon Care office is operating new extended opening hours from 9.30 to 3.00pm on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday only on a trial basis. The office is open as usual from 9.30-12.30 on Tuesday and Friday. This change has been prompted by the increase in requests we are receiving from our clients for transport to appointments. Thanks to all our dedicated volunteers for extending their time to make this possible!


New Phone Set-up


The New Year has brought a flood of job requests which our duty officers are successfully filling.  You may find that our phone is busy, in which case your call will be held in a queue-sorry for any delay! If your job is urgent, say for the next day, it is best to hang on and speak to one of our duty officers. We have a good system for finding drivers for urgent requests. If your request is for a week or more in the future, however,  do consider calling back later or submitting a request from this website at Clevedoncare.org.uk/How-it-works/   It will be dealt with by our duty officers within 2 working days.




The NHS announced on 31st October that patients who have been waiting for treatment longer than 40 weeks will be offered treatment in hospitals in other areas where there may be greater capacity. If you are a patient in this category you should be contacted in the next 8 weeks by the NHS and asked if you are willing to travel for treatment 50 miles, 100 miles or nationwide.

Clevedon Care is committed to provide transport for people in the BS21 postal code area to receive medical treatment and will support this new scheme as much as it can. Journeys of up 2 hours travel time each way will be supported. We have a number of drivers who are willing to undertake longer journeys and we will use our best efforts to find an available driver to take you to your appointment. Depending on the distances involved and the duration of treatment, this may involve a double journey for one or two drivers and this will have an impact on the costs. The fees will be calculated for each journey based on the distance and duration and according to our standard mileage rate. Funding for clients on low incomes is available from the NHS Low Income Scheme. Please do not approach the office until you have a definite appointment.

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