Client FAQs

Q. How do I become a member of Clevedon Care?

A. Clevedon Care is not a membership organisation and we do not require a subscription to use our services. All we ask is that you provide us with the details we need to carry out our work. You can provide the details here or ring our office on 01275 343677 during office hours, currently weekday mornings 9.30-12.30 (9.30-3.00 Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.)


Q. I am not a regular client of Clevedon Care, but I have a one-off need for someone to take me to and from a medical appointment-can Clevedon Care help?

A. Certainly. We will need to take your name and details over the phone.


Q. My appointment is over a month away-should I request transport now?

A. No, because of the demand we do not process jobs that are more than 2 weeks away. Please get in touch nearer the time and we will be pleased to help you.

Q. I have multiple appointments-can Clevedon Care help?
A. Yes - we routinely provide clients with drivers to take them to regular appointments.


Q. I need someone to take me on an urgent shopping trip-will Clevedon Care be able to help?
A. Sorry, no. Clevedon Care will only transport people to and from medical appointments as priority, (or on hospital visits if it is possible).

Q. I need someone to collect medicines from the pharmacist-can Clevedon Care help? 
A. Sorry, no. We suggest you contact the pharmacist and enquire about home delivery if you are unable to pick up your medicines.

Q. I live outside Clevedon:  can you help me?
A. Yes, but only if you live within the BS21 postal code area. If you live outside this area, you may have your own local service. Please check here (link to NS site:

Q. Can I book an appointment directly with a driver?
A. No, all appointments for Clevedon Care must be made with our office by calling 01275 343677.

Q. I have an appointment to a hospital outside of the area - can Clevedon Care help?
A. Most of our jobs are to hospitals and surgeries in the Bristol, Weston and Clevedon area. Some of our drivers are also prepared to drive further distances. We appreciate if you give us as much notice as you can to arrange these longer trips.

Q. I have a close relative in a local hospital with a serious illness and need to visit them regularly. Can Clevedon Care help?
A. We generally prioritise actual appointments but if drivers can be found, we will support such visits. Each visit is limited to 1 hour.


Q. I have a relative in a nursing home and need to visit them. Can Clevedon Care help?

A. No, sorry, we only allow hospital visits.( Please see above.)

Q. Do you support dental appointments?
A. Yes, we can take you to dental appointments.

Q. Is Clevedon Care just for the elderly? 
A. Many of our clients are elderly but Clevedon Care is open to all ages.

Q. Is Clevedon care only for people on lower incomes?
A. We serve all people who need our services. People on lower incomes may be able to reclaim the costs of travel

Q. Can you take my carer as well?
A. Yes. We do encourage clients, particularly if they have mobility issues, to bring a carer to accompany them as drivers are not qualified to provide support in and out of hospitals. Please let the duty officer know. 

Q. I have a walker. Can I bring it with me?
A. Most drivers can accommodate walkers but please let the duty officer know your requirements.

Q. I have a wheelchair and need help into and out of it. 
A.  Our drivers are not qualified carers and use their own private cars. Some cars can accommodate a wheelchair and 2 passengers (wheelchair user and relative/friend/carer). If we cannot help it is advisable to contact a specialist service like 'Driving Miss Daisy' (tel. 0333 0146211) if you require this service.

Q. I have a 'favourite' driver who knows my requirements: can I have them for all my appointments?
A. Whilst you can specify a preference and our duty officers will try to match it, we cannot guarantee this given the volume of calls we have and the need to utilise drivers fairly and efficiently. 

Q. How do I contact a driver to tell him I am ready to return after my appointment is completed? 
A. The driver will give you a card with their mobile phone number on it. If you have a mobile, call it when you are ready. If not, please ask a nurse or receptionist to contact the number for you.

Q. I don't have a blue badge - is that a problem?
A. We encourage all clients who qualify to apply for a valid disabled badge as this makes it easier for drivers to park nearby. If you do not have a blue badge, the driver will drop you as close to your destination as possible but may park further away and wait. No extra parking fee will be charged. 

Q. I have been contacted by my medical provider with the offer of an appointment tomorrow. Can you help?
A. Although we encourage clients to contact us in good time, we recognise that last minute opportunities for treatment do come up and we will do our best to find a driver. We have a WhatsApp group for drivers which we use in such cases.

Q. I have an appointment several months ahead- should I contact Clevedon Care now?
A. Given the volume of demand for our services we do not accept jobs more than 14 days in the future. Please contact us nearer the time. 

Q. Can you always find a driver to a job?
A. We fulfil over 99% of all client requests. However, we carry out up to 4,400 jobs a year and it can be more difficult to fulfil jobs at certain times, e.g., over the Christmas break.

Q. Can you pick me up from hospital after my operation and take me home?
A. Many clients do prefer to be picked up in this situation by a family member. Clevedon Care will take this on, however, and you will be charged the standard donation rate.

Q. My visit may involve multiple procedures over several hours - how will you handle it?
A. A journey usually involves a wait of up to 2 hours. If the wait is longer then the driver may have to return to Clevedon, in which case a double charge will be made. The driver is responsible for ensuring that you are returned home safely. Please keep the driver regularly updated of your progress and likely progression by phone.

Q. Can I pay by cheque/credit card/bank transfer? 
A. You will be expected to pay the driver in cash at the end of the job. Please try to have the correct amount if possible.

Q. Can I get a receipt so that I can reclaim the cost of travel?
A. Yes, please ask the duty officer who will make sure the driver can provide this.


Q. How do I know how much the journey will cost?
A. We have a set of fixed rates for each destination based on standard mileage allowances. For example, the cost of a round trip to the BRI is currently 16 pounds. The duty officer will tell you how much to pay.

Q. Can I tip the driver?
A. The sum you donate for the journey goes directly to the driver and covers their costs. Any amount you give over this is handed in by the driver to the office of Clevedon Care to contribute towards the overhead costs of the organisation.

Q. My journey is to a destination within the Bristol Clean Air Zone. Will I have to pay the daily charge as well?
A. Many of our drivers have cars which are exempt from the charges. We will try to ensure you are taken by a driver with an exempt car. In other cases, we may be able to access destinations without entering the zone. Where neither of these conditions apply, we may ask you to pay the 9 pounds charge to the driver. You can reclaim the cost as a patient on the day, please check here:

Q. My appointment has been cancelled. What should I do.?
A. Please contact the Clevedon Care office on 01275 343677 immediately to let us know. If it is last minute cancellation and the office is not open you can cancel by contacting the driver directly as he/she will have been in touch with you to confirm the arrangements and check this possibility. You will not be expected to pay for cancelled trips.

Q. My son/daughter/friend has now said they can take me to my appointment. What should I do? 
A. Please contact the Clevedon Care office as soon as possible if you intend to cancel.  Please remember when you contact Clevedon Care to provide a service you are making a commitment and drivers are volunteering their time to help you. Please avoid unforced cancellations as this can lead to misunderstanding and miscommunication. 


Q. I would like to provide feedback on a driver. How can I do this?
A. We welcome feedback and constructive criticism. If you have feedback on a specific driver complete this form and submit it to our driver co-ordinator .