Clevedon Care - History


Clevedon Care has operated as a registered charity since 1988. In all that time our organisation and the volunteers who run it have made an incalculable contribution to the health and well being of our community, as well as ensuring that the NHS and health providers can perform their duties efficiently.

As a community organisation, supported entirely by volunteers, Clevedon Care runs lean. All our duty officers and leaders are  volunteers. Our drivers are also volunteers and are paid directly by clients at a standard rate to cover the costs of providing transportation. Any contributions paid by clients over and above the standard rate go towards defraying the overhead costs of running an office in Clevedon and paying for phone calls. These costs can amount to several thousand pounds a year.



In the 1970s a group of public spirited Christian people became aware of the need for community help. They formed a group who carried out any service required from shopping and dog walking to driving.


A constitution and registration as a charity under the sponsorship of Churches together in Clevedon (CTiC) was agreed, legal advice and help were taken. Initial expenses were covered by a £50 donation from most of the churches in Clevedon and we operated out of an office in the Baptist church. We became a group calling ourselves Clevedon Care.

An inaugural meeting was held on 21st October 1987 to adopt our constitution and the Charity Commission confirmed our charitable status on 26th May 1988.In 1989 it was agreed that our tasks were too many and too varied and it was decided to concentrate on driving to hospitals and other medical appointments.


In 1996 a grateful client, Miss Lydia Asher bequeathed us a sum of £18,000 pounds which meant we could now stand alone without the financial aid of Clevedon’s churches. Shortly after this we had to leave the  Baptist church who needed their space for an office of their own. We were fortunate to be offered space in St Johns Lower Church Hall.

The 20th Anniversary of the inauguration of Clevedon Care was celebrated in 2007 with displays in the Library, a concert in the Princes Hall, Community Centre and a Thanksgiving Service at the Baptist Hall.


A celebratory Thanksgiving Service took place on 28th October 2012 at the Baptist Church to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the inauguration of CC and many years of service to the community. The Rt Rev. Barry Rogerson led the service, which was followed by tea and the cutting of the ceremonial cake.


In October 2020 we changed our logo from the CTiC umbrella to a car in front of a hospital, a more representative logo of what we are and do. CC had a period of official inactivity from March 2020 until 6th October 2021 when we were all restricted by the Covid 19 situation.

We also had to vacate St Johns Church Hall while it was cleared of asbestos. By the time we were able to operate again we had found new premises in the YMCA in Marson Road, Clevedon.


When we started again in October 2021 we had a limited number of Duty Officers and Drivers working who were prepared to risk the restrictions of Covid and carry on regardless. A thanks to our volunteers for their dedication and loyalty.

On Saturday 2nd October 2021 at a gathering at the Council House in Clevedon we were presented with a Civic Award for services to the local community during Covid 19. Since the pandemic, Clevedon Care has been rebuilding. Several new drivers and duty officers have joined us and we welcome them and are grateful for volunteering.


More than 35 years after the organisation was founded, we should mention the “retirees” of Clevedon Care – too many to mention, who should be assured that their great service as Duty Officers or Drivers, has helped to make Clevedon Care the wonderful organization it is today and will be in the future.